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Dental office Dr Sava Subotin was established in 01.04.2002. and it is located in Novi Sad, at the address Stevana Hristica 21, 1-st floor. The founder of the practice, Dr Sava Subotin is a specialist in oral surgery. He studied and specialized in dental medicine on the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad. We have a constant assistance of a dentistry specialized nurse, but when necessary we cooperate with other significant institutions to give You the adequate and complete service. Working time is from 2PM to 10PM on workdays, the office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

In a pleasant, friendly atmosphere of our dental office we give You a wide spectrum of professional services from numerous areas of dental practice. Our business motivation is Your healthy smile, on one side, and Your satisfaction on the other. By dealing with estetic dentistry, oral surgery and implantology as the most common areas of Your interest, we contribute by bringing You a smile that will bring You confidence!

course of therapy


When You contact us, Your appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible. Every visit is previously scheduled by phone. In case You are in pain or in need of an emergency intervention You will be scheduled on the same day you make the call.


During the first visit You will meet our team and see the way we work. After the examination, we will offer You a suggested treatment plan. We will be respectful of Your time, and in case when the treatment of the previous patient extends, we will ask You for a little understanding.

treatment plan

After the examination, we will consult with You about the posible methods and the pace of treatment to solve the problems You have, about how to achieve the desired visual effect at the end of the treatment plan, as well as a payment plan for longer interventions.


Of course, maintaining dental hygiene is neccessary, but more than the advice about right health maintenance, we offer You advice about everything else linked to Your dental health, what to do after an intervention and everything else about our work and the problems You may have with Your teeth and gums.


Standard services

All dental visits begin with scheduling an examination. The initial meeting is followed by an examination to determine the state of Your teeth, gums and jaw. Depending on the result of the examination we will recommend an appropriate treatment.


In case You are missing one or more teeth, it is possible to do their recoupment in form of a bridge or prosthesis, which gives Your teeth natural look and makes eating easier.

Oral surgery

In some cases, it is not possible to preserve a tooth only by endodontic treatment, as it sometimes needs to be removed. Impacted teeth also must be removed. In case of tooth breakage, all of its remains must be removed by extraction.


Permanent teeth recoupment in shape of an dental implant is getting more popular with the development of more accessable and reliable materials. That ensures that you keep a correct jaw shape and teeth, as well as safer eating.

Gallery of our DENTAL OFFICE

In the following pictures bellow You can have a small tour of our dental office, so You can get the idea of how the interior looks like. Hopefully by going through our gallery You can lose the jitters You might have when visiting our office for the time.

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Do You need some help or more information? We will gladly help You and give You nessery advice. To contact us use the contact form bellow. On the map on the right You can see where we are located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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Dental office Dr Sava Subotin Novi Sad, Stevana Hristica 21, 1-st floor +381 21 63 95 425 +381 64 15 66 863 drsubotin@mts.rs drsubotin@gmail.com Working hours: 2PM - 10PM; Saturdays and Sundays: Closed